Time’s Up, Educational Reform Liaison, Position Proposal



Cover Letter

Resume & Relevant Experience

Love & Truth Rising
Vanessa Osage, LinkedIn
“Like a Mother” Podcast Interview, 2017
Published Writings

Educationl Reform Liaison Job Description Proposal

Timeline & Budget


Justice CORPS Initiative 2.19.19  The detailed, 9-page PDF of the Pilot Program Model

The Justice CORPS Video


“We have a certain way of thinking about change and how change happens – and that’s all up in the air right now. And there are people doing the work of deep culture shift but we have to value it as a society – with our money, with our time, with our journalism, with the conversations that we choose to have. This is a storytelling exercise, this era we’re living in.

And, who’s telling the story better? And who’s out there trying to tell a new story, trying to tell a different story – trying to shift the form of the story – and how do we get behind them?”

– America Ferrera


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