Justice CORPS

“The AMENDS Project, and Justice CORPS Initiative, are pioneering a model for how schools can work towards accountability and reconciliation related to adult-student boundaries, while building cultures of safety and inclusivity. In order to provide safe and inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive, schools need to move beyond risk mitigation and crisis response and build school cultures, systems and policies that actively prevent sexual harassment, relationship violence and boundary violations and promote healthy and wellbeing.  Bravo to Vanessa Osage for courageously leading this important work.”  – Justine Finn, Founder of Relation-Shift at the Harvard Innovation Lab

An Initiative for true, positive reform at New England Independent & Boarding Schools, with accountability and oversight, to see a dramatic reduction in human rights violations  and cover-ups over time.

Proposed to Lawrence Academy officials in July, and again in October 2018.

JCORPS image 10.15


Read the full 6-page proposal: Justice CORPS Initiative 10.18.18

Interested in adding your name to a list of endorsers around the nation?  email: theamendsproject@gmail.com

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