The Lowell Sun feature article, of May 27, 2018

Editorial by then-Lowell Sun Editor, Jim Campinini “Lawrence Academy Bans the Media”, June 4, 2018:

Editorial by Vanessa Osage, “Lawrence Academy Sex Abuse Victim Says She Won’t Be a Silent Accomplice”, June 10, 2018

Editorial by Vanessa Osage, “Burdensome Choice is Now Lawrence Academy’s”, August 6, 2018

Article by Rick Sobey through the Nashoba Valley Voice, “Woman Who Says She Was Molested at Lawrence Academy in the ’90’s Holds a Public Response Event”, August 15, 2018

* contains illegal defamation by Lawrence Academy Trustee, Bruce MacNeil (who has never met or spoken with Vanessa Osage)

Article by Rick Sobey of the Boston Herald, “Justice CORPS Initiative Aims to Empower School Abuse Victims”, April 2, 2019

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