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Justice CORPS – Committee to Oversee Rights & Protections of Students – an Initiative for Positive Reform at New England Boarding Schools

Justice CORPS Initiative, October 2018

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The National Association of Independent Schools & The Association of Boarding Schools created a Task Force in 2016 to develop a set of guidelines for responding to Educator sexual abuse. Currently, these are only “recommendations” and there is no system for enforcing or upholding them. This is where The Justice CORPS continues their great work.


Online Resources

Point One North, Saroeum Phoung, Peacemaking, Consulting & more:

The Center for Restorative Justice, Suffolk University:

Restorative Justice | The Center for Justice & Reconciliation:

National Association of Community and Restorative Justice:

Stewards of Children, Darkness to Light, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention:

Ohio State University Research on An Effective Apology:

Powerful video on Gender Violence Issues, Jackson Katz:

Medical & Institutional Power & Control Wheel:

Transcript of Audio Clips from Speech at Lawrence Academy, December 10, 2001:
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Timeline of the #MeToo Movement, Chicago Tribune, April 27, 2018


Timeline of Events in the Amends Project with Lawrence Academy   

1980’s – earliest known account of sexual abuse of a minor by Peter Regis
1993 – the student first encounters Peter Regis
1994 – two students talk and discover a similar pattern of behavior by Peter Regis
early May 1994 – students confront Peter Regis together in the basement of Waters Dorm
18 May 1994 – two students are called into headmaster Steven L Hahn’s office to give a report to Child & Family Services
late May 1994 – student is stalked in her dorm by Peter Regis
late May 1994 – first of requests by student for protection by head of school, Steven L Hahn
June 1994 – subsequent stalkings, and additional requests for help from Steven L Hahn
June 1994 – the school’s revoking of financial aid for the student and prevention of her return
July 1996 – the student moves to the other side of the country, having turned 18
May 1997 – the last of the two students graduates from Lawrence Academy; Peter Regis still employed on campus
June 1997 – the first post-graduation visit to the headmaster’s office by the student, now age 19, urging Steven L Hahn to address the situation and remove the child molester from campus
Fall 1997 – the first of letters sent to Steve Hahn from California
Spring 1998 – the second visit to the headmaster’s office by the student, urging right action
Summer 1999 – the third visit to the headmaster’s office by the student, urging right action
Fall 2000 – the fourth visit to the headmaster’s office by the student, urging right action
2001 – student develops consistent abdominal pain, undergoes surgery, and is diagnosed with endometriosis
2001 – student receives standard Lawrence Academy publication in her mailbox; threatens editorials to the Lowell Sun/Boston Globe; arranges with Steve Hahn for speech
early December 2001 – Peter Regis is released on “permanent long-term disability”
10 December 2001 – student arrives to a full auditorium at Lawrence Academy and delivers 20 minute speech about the incidents, abuses of power and positive sexuality
2002 – Steve Hahn ends his tenure as headmaster of Lawrence Academy
November 2005
 – student undergoes second abdominal surgery, in Boston, MA
20 October 2016The Lowell Sun publishes an article on the public letter by current headmaster Daniel Scheibe, asking sex misconduct victims to step forward
19 December 2016 – the student retains attorney Mitchell Garabedian to represent her in a case against Lawrence Academy
2017 – Mitchell Garabedian sends a letter to Lawrence Academy, demanding $2 million in settlement
2018 – student decides to use a Restorative Justice approach, and makes initial independent contact with Daniel Scheibe and Paul Lannon
1 March 2018 – student meets in Restorative Justice Circle with Steven Hahn, Dan Scheibe, Libby Margraf, Paul Lannon and two facilitators from the Center for Restorative Justice at Suffolk University in the old headmaster’s office in Groton, MA
March 2018 – Lawrence Academy formally offers $25,000 if accepted with a confidentiality clause
April 2018 – after reviewing new supporting documents, Lawrence Academy offers $75,000, if accepted with a confidentiality clause. Neither Steven L Hahn nor Daniel Scheibe will acknowledge facts about the school’s handling of discovery of the abuse; student declares that she will accept no settlement with a confidentiality clause
May 2018 – the Amends Project enters a public phase, calling on the people to cast a vote for full amends and acknowledgement of harms done by Lawrence Academy


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“The only way out is through.” — Robert Frost

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