Restorative Consulting

For the success and safety of
all students
For the integrity of Independent Schools
A Washington State nonprofit since 2019

Do you worry about sudden exposure of abuse
that happened long before your time?

What would it be worth to know you are ready
to weather the storm?

What if there was a constructive alternative
to legal counsel and fees?


The legacy of institutional abuse is still unfolding today. 
Help your school be a leader for positive change.

Restorative Consultation Packages are available for independent and public high schools now.

Request an application & details here:

Advocates encouraging
school leaders to take
this first step
Mike Rinaldi, Educator and High School Principal, Instrumental
in securing Connecticut
Legislation Public Act 16-67
“Don’t Pass the Trash” Law

“Independent reviews need to be truly independent. This work can lead to clear and meaningful expectations for schools’ responses…”

— former boarding school headmaster

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